Ground Maintenance

Let us handle all the maintenance services needed for your lawn and landscaping. Signing up for our full-service program gives you peace of mind knowing that Varina Landscaping will constantly maintain your property’s curb appeal. Services we include in our comprehensive program are:

  • Trimming and pruning: This is done periodically throughout the year for the health of your plants and to keep them shaped.
  • Lawn mowing: Lawn mowing frequency depends on the time of year. Our pros will mow your grass correctly according to the type of grass you have.
  • Edging: We’ll edge your lawn to keep it looking polished and professional. Edging allows us to reach areas that the mower won’t be able to access quickly.
  • Landscape bed weed control: Keeping weeds out of your landscape beds ensures your plants won’t have pesky weeds trying to take away nutrients from them.
  • Removal of any maintenance debris: We’ll haul off any trimmings or other branches after trimming and prune your landscape plants.

Lawn mowing practices will vary depending on the type of grass your property has—speak with our lawn service company to learn how we care for specific grass types.

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