Landscape Management

Since landscaping can be a large part of a properties operating budget as well as a very real contributor to a properties value, it is essential that maintenance of the landscape not be minimized. The first thing that potential customers notice upon arrival to a commercial property is the landscaping. If the business’s landscaping is out of control and not maintained properly, it gives visitors and future tenants a bad impression before they even see or hear what your property has to offer to them.

With decades of experience, Varina Landscaping offers creative landscaping ideas for the largest or commercial smallest of properties. We are happy to advise on plant selection, lighting and ongoing maintenance. Common maintenance services include Spring and Fall cleanups, weekly mowing, lawn aeration, dethatching, bed maintenance, pruning and trimming, bulb and flower planting, edging and mulching. We understand that protecting the investment in your landscape takes long-term thinking. Our commitment to you include important maintenance services such as insect and disease control, fertilization, irrigation repair, and manicured pruning as needed.

Lawn Care

Like any other turf, the lawn around your business also requires attention and service. Varina Landscaping offers specialty programs for many types of commercial properties. The representatives at Varina Landscaping can develop a commercial lawn care program to fit your business’ needs. Varina Landscaping can also help your subdivision look its best. We provide services for entrances and common areas to create a more enjoyable environment within your neighborhood.

There is no “one plan fits all” when it comes to landscape maintenance services for commercial clients. Every variety of grass also has its own set of special needs to keep it thriving. But it all must be mowed consistently. We know what your lawn needs to be healthy, from the frequency with which mowing should take place, and at what height, to understanding proper soil balance and moisture. We can even handle the fertilization, pest control or weed control treatments necessary to keep your turf lush and beautiful.

Commercial Lawn Management

Landscape Plantings

Varina Landscaping has the experience to turn any outdoor space into an oasis. Our Landscape artists combine landscape design, creativity, functionality, and experience to bring your property the best design possible. Designing a landscape is much more complicated than placing plants in strategic ways to beautify an area just because there is nothing there.

The goal is to get maximum impact in a relatively small area, with little or no pruning, watering, weed control, staking or other required maintenance. Some common plants used in high-impact landscaping are dwarf butterfly bushes, lilacs and crepe myrtles; Japanese ferns; succulents; herbs like rosemary and sage; and decorative grasses. These types of gardens are known for their bright, bold colors, and uncommon plant groupings. This is a design that is highly cost effective while bringing out a note of greenery to a landscape where the space is limited.

Turf Management

During the summer months, our team is here to maintain your lawn with regular mowing/trimming service and ongoing weed control with environmentally friendly products. We’ll perform regular inspections for pests and rodents that may threaten your lawn from underground, and stop bugs from eating away at healthy grass. You can contact us when you think your lawn needs a little care, or set up a routine service so you don’t have to think about scheduling and planning in advance.

When the summer starts to cool off, it’s time to switch gears and talk to us about winterization for your lawn and entire yard. Our team can rake, repair, reseal, and otherwise tidy your property and in the case of lawns, aerate and seed, as needed. In the fall and spring, we can also recommend a fertilization and weed control schedule that proactively prepares and protects your grass and other landscaping for a healthy and lush next year.

Commercial landscape plantings