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The Varina Landscaping Difference

At Varina Landscaping, LLC, we understand and appreciate the value of your business. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide you with reliable, quality landscaping and lawn care services. We stand by all of our work, and we guarantee prompt and professional services that are sure to meet your needs. We serve Multi-Family Communities, Commercial Complexes, Retirement Facilities, Municipalities and Schools, Shopping Centers.

Aerial view of large home with new roof on beautiful property.
Garden Lawn Sprinkler. Automatic Garden Watering System.

Varina Landscaping Sod Installation

With today’s ecological concerns, more people are considering sod for its environmental benefits. Sod cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun’s heat and absorbing noises, carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. It releases valuable oxygen and moisture into the air we breathe.

Do you have children or pets? Sod allows for use of the lawn almost immediately rather than dealing with a dirty, muddy mess being tracked into the house while waiting on a seeded lawn to establish.

Varina Landscaping works on all size projects including your home or business. We offer tear out and haul off services if your project needs it and offer the upkeep of your sod and other landscaping.

Varina Landscaping Commercial Landscape

Our team proactively handles your business landscape needs through our commercial management program, and offers enhancements to elevate your commercial landscape design and architecture even more.

Commercial landscape management offers unique challenges regarding performing the necessary work with the smallest disruption to the business or customers. For this reason Varina Landscaping is pleased to offer commercial customers a variety of work schedule options to ensure the work is performed at a time most convenient for property owners and their customers.

Commercial Lawn Management
Garden Lawn Sprinkler. Automatic Garden Watering System.

Varina Landscaping Commercial Irrigation

Own a commercial building or multi-family property? Sit on the board of an association? Varina Landscaping will provide nothing less than exceptional, code-compliant sprinkler design service for your multi-unit building, hospital, school or commercial location.

Your commercial property’s lawn is only as good as your irrigation system. Ensuring that it receives the water it needs to stay healthy and vibrant is crucial. Recent advances in irrigation technology are available to make older systems more efficient and reduce water consumption.

We can evaluate the performance of your existing irrigation system, make adjustments, recommend and install technology upgrades that will maximize system performance and optimize water use.